Saturday, 20 September 2014

About Andrea...

My name is Andrea and I am a 20 year old, Greek Cypriot, currently living in London. I'm currently working in a solicitors firm as an assistant, which has turned out to be quite fun and the people are lovely. I dream to have some day a design label of my own, as I love drawing and creating. Other hobbies include photography, shopping, gym & yoga.

I've created this blog to unleash to the world my interests as well as my thoughts on what I love, I just hope you guys enjoy what my blog is about. 



  1. Hello ! Thank you so much for stoping by my blog, it's so kind ! Welcome on the blogosphere ! You seem to be a really nice person, I'll make sure to follow your evolution here !
    Love from France!

  2. It seems we have a lot of interests in common! Can't wait to read your posts :) Love,